Joining the Hurricanes Program

Interested in joining the program as a youth referee or mentor, or do you know someone who would might be interested?

Talent Identification & Recruitment

The Hurricanes Program coordinator is responsible for overseeing the identification of talented youth referees, utilising the resources of the North Queensland Referee Coaching Panel, Development Officers, and senior referees throughout the region. While not all youth referees are interested in furthering their development, those that do will be considered to become part of the program.

Identification of talented youth referees can occur at any level of the sport and, upon identification, the program’s coordinator will discuss the program with the identified referee to determine if the individual is interested in progressing their career as a referee. If interested, the program’s coordinator will invite the referee to find a mentor and nominate to enter the program.

Nomination & Appointment Process

Identified referees who match the appointment criteria and can nominate to join the program at any time.

Nominees and their mentors are assessed by the program’s coordinator and the NQTA Referees Panel. The assessment process includes an assessment of the referee’s on-field performance as well as the suitability of the nominated mentor to perform their duties.

If successful, the referee and their mentor are endorsed by the North Queensland Referees Director and formally appointed to the program.

Entry Criteria

Youth Referees

The program is open to youth referees based who fulfil the following criteria:

  • Aged 13–18;
  • Referee regularly in an NQTA-affiliated local competition;
  • Not play at a representative level;
  • Be at least a qualified Level One Touch Football Referee;
  • Have a commitment and desire to progress their refereeing to higher levels;
  • Be able to attend identified events within the North Queensland region and beyond.

Youth referees are appointed to the program because they show a primary commitment to refereeing, not just at a local level, but also at a regional level and higher.


Senior referees will be appointed to the program as mentors, based on the following criteria:

  • Actively involved in the sport for at least two years prior to appointment;
  • Holds a minimum TFA Level Three Referee accreditation;
  • Holds (or is able to hold) a minimum TFA Foundation Referee Coach accreditation;
  • Shows a desire to develop up-and-coming referees in the region;
  • Shows an understanding of the role of a mentor.

Okay, So How Do I Join?

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